Belly Casting: In a soothing warm environment, pre-pasted plaster-of-paris strips are placed over the breast and belly. Process takes between 30 to 40 minutes to apply. After a short drying time, the cast is removed. The cast then dries for 48 hours at which time a casting stone is applied, sanded the ready for paint.

Decorative Paint: Come with your own design, photo, or baby's room decor. 

Price: Belly Cast = $75

           Acrylics = $50 - $150 (simple design to detailed)

           Genesis oils = $200 - $350 (simple design to detailed)

Belly Cast is usually ready within 2 to 3 weeks after casting appointment unless otherwise discussed.  $75 is due at appointment plus 1/2 the painting cost.  The best time to create a cast is the beginning of the 8th month.  Size, shape and mother's comfortability are all taken into consideration. Dads and Grandmothers are welcome to take pictures during the process.